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Khabri is a one stop audio repository for consumers and creators alike. It houses original vernacular audio content, including news, current affairs, motivation, audio books, devotional chants and bhajans, celebrity interviews, comedy, health and wellness shows, sports, horoscope, historical and mythological stories, radio stations for every mood and more.

Khabri is the only platform which allows you to upload your own Audio content and publish them on a public profile, immediately. The versatility of the format, duration, show, can be experimented by the creator. You also get a chance to interact with your listeners and go LIVE! 


TechCrunch featured Khabri as one of the 12 Favorite startups from Y Combinator Demo Day. Link



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Meet The Team

A bunch of enthusiasts who believe in the power and potential of audio and will stop at nothing, unless the world hears!

Pulkit Sharma

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Computer Science Engineer from BIT, Mesra.

Previously worked with Sapient Global Markets as a Software Developer

Sandeep Singh

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A veteran in Digital Media Industry. Evangelized digital Audio Ecosystem in india.

Aankit Roy

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Computer Science Engineer from BIT, Mesra.

Previously part of core technical team of a startup - OnlineTyari


We are Hiring

Khabri is a digital audio platform for content in Indian languages. The platform enables users to create and consume audio content in their local language. One of the fastest-growing vernacular content platform. Backed by Y Combinator, GSF and other top global investors.

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